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Situated on Big Kiln Street, Campbeltown Heritage Centre has a fantastic collection of objects spanning 300 years of social history. Once one of the richest towns per capita in all of Scotland - Campbeltown’s sheltered port played a key role in growing the whisky, fishing and tourism industries.

Why visit Campbeltown Heritage Centre?

A first-class museum

Described as one of the finest social history collections on the West Coast of Scotland.

H is for Heritage

Over 300 years of modern social history - from the creation of Campbeltown to the present day.

Family archive

Research your family's history - both online and through local records and papers - in our new archive unit.

Free entry

The heritage centre is supported by donation and our wonderful team of volunteers.

Relax in our cafe

Take your time exploring then settle down amongst the exhibits in our cafe.

Free WiFi

No mobile signal? No problem - free WiFi is available in the museum.

Rebranding the heritage centre

Find out about our mermaid,
and its role in the history of Campbeltown

The rebrand Download children's activity


The history of Campbeltown in 100 objects See all

Be part of sharing the town's heritage

The 100 objects project brings together key moments in the town's history by bringing together objects from collections, on public display and even everyday items which are on mantlepieces and in attics in homes around the town. They tell the important story of how Campbeltown lived, worked and grew over the last 300 years.

The Campbeltown Cross

The secular 'merkat' or market cross marks the birth of Campbeltown and three hundred years of social history.

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The Whisky Still

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