The Trust

The Kintyre Amenity Trust

The Kintyre Amenity Trust (KAT) was formed in 1998 to lease the recently redundant Lorne Street Church from the Church of Scotland and open a Heritage Centre to complement the existing Campbeltown Museum whose exhibits focused on archaeology and natural history.

The trustees established a museum that highlighted the different aspects of Campbeltown’s success with the help of grants and contributions from the local community.  At one time, Campbeltown had the highest per capita income for any town in Scotland.

Its success was based on the herring fishing industry, coal, shipbuilding, agriculture, and of course – whisky! Many local people have donated valuable exhibits, and the museum now holds one of the finest collections in the West of Scotland.

Campbeltown Backpackers

In 2012, the trust renovated the old Free Church School, converting it into a sixteen-bed hostel.  As a result, the museum now benefits from a modest revenue stream to support its activities.

In 2016 KAT celebrated The Year of Scottish Architecture with a display of pictures of key Campbeltown buildings.  Taken by the McGory Brothers, pioneer photographers from the early twentieth century, they showed Campbeltown life from around one hundred years ago.

Home of the rare Minenwefer

In 2016, a very rare Minenwerfer (German mine thrower) that had been donated to KAT was conserved and redisplayed in the car park.